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          克拉克·舍费尔哈克特 Guides Our Clients Through Three Stages of an R&D Study


          This no-cost stage of service offers your business a risk-free way to examine your opportunity to capture R&D credits. Specialists review your projects, departments, processes, and technologies in light of eligibility standards. Your documentation of research expenditures is evaluated for conformity to current requirements. Then your projected tax savings will be estimated so you can evaluate moving ahead with tier two, a full R&D study.


          You’ll receive a detailed work plan for an R&D study tailored to your business. The implementation strategy will include interviewing company personnel, analyzing contemporaneous documentation, linking personnel and projects to finalize the quantitative calculation, and gathering documentation. This phase entails a full analysis of technical issues related to qualified R&D projects, detailed collection of eligible expenditures, documentation of qualifying expenditures, and calculation of federal and state tax credits.


          You will receive a detailed report including the R&D study methodology, which will serve as your documentation to support the R&D tax credits claim you claim. We’ll also prepare your required, amended tax returns. The R&D report is designed and organized to provide a clear audit trail for the IRS or state taxing authority.

          Further resources for understanding the R&D tax Credit:




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